David Anziska has been a practicing attorney since 2003, and his varied experience includes working for the government, a large international law firm, a startup company, and one of the oldest and largest class action firms in the country.   He is a graduate of  the University of Michigan School of Law (Go Wolverines!), which he graduated with honors (cum laude). 

While working at the law firm, Berger & Montague P.C., Mr. Anziska worked on numerous litigations that resulted in eight- and nine-figure settlements, such as In re Carbon Black Antitrust Litig,​ State of Ohio v. Countrywide Financial Corp.​, In re Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., Securities, Derivative and ERISA Litigation​ and State of New Jersey, Department of Treasury v. Fuld, et al. 

In 2011, he spearheaded the Law School Litigation, filing groundbreaking lawsuits against over a dozen law schools for inflating their post-graduate employment data that ultimately prompted the ABA to implement broad reforms. Currently, Mr. Anziska has expanded his practice to represent businesses and entrepreneurs in “high-stakes” litigation, charging them “blended” rates, combining both modest hourly and contingent fee arrangements.  Mr. Anziska prides himself in having the same “skin in the game” as his clients, and believes the traditional law-firm billing arrangements are both antiquated and encourage inefficiencies. 

Mr Anziska is licensed to practice both in New York and Philadelphia. Feel free to contact Mr. Anziska via email at or phone at (914)-216-3540.